C O M I C   B O O K
c o v e r  -  i l l u s t r a t i o n  -  l a y o u t

A hilarious successful handbook on how to make love within the cramped space of your tiny two-seat hatchback city car released by Magic Press Edizioni.

Small portable, pocket-size available handbook, 15X21 cm, paperback with 80 pages of fine paper

(total weight 150 grams).

The playful illustrations cover 15 sex positions which have been tweaked and tailored to the tiny 2 seater vehicle accompanied by clear and funny instrunctions a short story wherein you can easily identify and extra contents.

Reviewed by different italian daily newspaper ( Il Messaggero, Tgcom24, Il Giornale, Leggo), magazine online ( Gq Italia), radio (Radio Radio, FM 104.5 – SKY), television (Top Gear Italia) and various web forum.